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So about selling tee shirts

I wanted to find a way to make the tee shirt thing less icky. Like, I don’t want to produce more and create more waste.

Ana climbed into my life like a tiny gypsy wizard and handed me the answer. She said my cousin does screen printing, if you need a good contact. I want to take used shirts and screen print them with my art.

You wonderful human. What a fantastic idea.

I hope I can start making shirts and selling them here soon.

My other idea that I want to implement is a ‘bold fund’ donation. Basically I want to donate a percentage of my profits toward safe climbing and naturing and things like that. So I would start by getting in touch with, say, the NZ Alpine Club in CHCH and telling them about my project and asking if they want to put my shirts on their website or facebook page so they can also get a profit.

I’m basically taking the idea of ‘Royalties’ and applying it to myself. Rather than me getting a cut for creating the design, the Alpine Club will get a cut for providing the services of trail and bolt maintenance around Christchurch.

So if I get a significant amount of sales from specific areas in the world I will look up a climbing gym, alpine club, bolt fund of some kind and give them your donation.

Thanks for helping keep climbing and naturing safe and sustainable.

Alpine club Donations page



These guys have a cool thing going on. Neat Places is a cleverly designed brochure / map / advertising magazine for local restaurants.

How much does it cost? I haven’t figured out how much it costs to be featured in there yet.

The pocket guide is free. They’ll ship it for free. And you can find it all over the place in cafes and things

Note to self

I’m a freelance Graphic Designer with a passion for Branding.
If you have any enquiries, I would be happy to discuss.

Space Academy


What do they need?

A website, mostly for promoting events so it’s easy for people to find out what’s going on…

Online tee shirt companies for printing designs…

I guess I need to look into how they source their fabrics and inks. But I wonder if it’s a waste anyway, to want to make a tee shirt just so you can put your name on it.

We’ll see. Anyway here are a bunch of them.

Printful – Mockup Generator

Tee Spring – Phillip Defranco sells shirts with his own quotes on it. Pretentious much?

Tees in the trap

Tee Public

Design by Humans

Red Bubble

This guy made money off of a tee shirt site.